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Reporting setting information in the Preferences' Reporting General section.   Each of three reporting section serves a different type of testing.  All can be edited to fits the reporting needs of each type of simulation test, and each will create a Summary Reporting Performance Summary with the information selected for the reporting type that matches the simulation type settings.

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Trading Blox Preferences Reporting Generalsection allow three different setting levels of reporting.   Here are test reporting setting groups users find most useful:

Single Test Reporting

Settings for a Single Test Report most often has all the available reporting preference settings enabled.  It is a single test step simulation where none of parameters in the suite change value during the entire test run.

Small Simulation Reporting

Small Simulation Reporting tests only have a small number of parameters step test.  Usually these numerical steps are limited to a small range of values.  Small Simulation Reports need less information than a Single Test Report, but usually need more information than a Large Simulation Report.


Small Simulation Reporting will automatically go into effect when a suite simulation  parameter stepping exceeds the test count entered for Large Test Reporting Threshold setting shown in the General Reporting preference section.  Default value limit for Small Simulation Reporting is "8" test steps, which can be changed.

Large Simulation Reporting

Tests that have many parameters stepping, or the parameters have a large range of values to test, will create a large number of performance test record results during a simulation.  These large test simulation are more informative when they provide more overall summary information instead of a lot details.

In each three different types of simulation testing there are four sections where settings can be enabled or disable.  Single and Small step test usually will enable the report to contain more information than the Large step count report.  Settings in each of the different reporting sections there are four groups of settings that control what is reported.


Read through the details of each section of this table to determine which of these reporting types will be helpful:

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Information and examples about the many graphs that appear in a test report.  

Monte Carlo Simulations

Monte Carlo simulations provide a repetitive randomization method to determine the robustness of a system of a system and how that system would have performed had the many test sequences had been changed many thousands of times.

Text Tables

These text base reports show the summary information of the trading period where the instruments and system performance are summarized.

Trade and Equity Logs

This section shows the types and names of the logs that are part of a simulation test.  These logs allow a user to validate and see in detail how the performance progressed through the testing period.

Filter Results

Filter Results is only display in the Large Simulation Reporting section.  This section can use the three main statistical calculations to reduce the information displayed at the end of parameter test.

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