There are six different Trading Blox logs that can be created with a Test Suite Summary Results report.  In addition, there isn't a software limit on the number of custom logs or reports that a user can add to Simulation Test Results.


Trade and Equity Logs: ^Top




Six different logs  can be produced from a Suite's Simulation test:

Log Trades

This will log all trades in the Trade Log, and save trade details to the chart. For large tests, you can save memory and increase speed by keeping this box unchecked. When the system does not have to save trade details for every run, you can run much larger tests with available memory.

Log Filtered Trades

This option when checked logs the reason for all filtered or rejected trades into the Filtered Trade Log. It will indicate if a trade was filtered because of equity, volume, portfolio manager, risk manager, lock limit day, or open through the stop.

Log Daily Equity

This will log daily equity in the Daily Equity Log.

Log Monthly Equity and Performance

This will log monthly performance in the Monthly Equity Log.

Print Output

The file to which the PRINT statement goes when using the PRINT statement in Blox Basic Scripting. See the Print Output File.

Custom Reports

When the need to generate a report of a log process is required, Trading Blox can create custom reports and logs using Trading Blox Basic scripts in any type of blox module.  


Use custom reports when reporting information needs to be part of the system.  Custom reports can be any Windows acceptable name and placed in a user created or selected folder.


Log Files Created: ( Fix-It )

Daily Equity Log.csv

Filter Log.csv

Monthly Equity Log.csv

Print Output.csv

Trade Log.csv

Custom Output Reports

Custom Order Reports


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