Text table reports can be added to any of the three type of test reporting sections.  However, they are most useful in with Single Test Reporting.  In some cases where Small Simulation Reporting only creates a few test steps they can be informative.  Including them with a Large Simulation Report demands a lot of time unless the Results Filtering limits the output to only a few test.


Text Reporting: ^Top



Trading Blox text based reports are tables that show these table sections.

Yearly Performance Summary

A summary of the trading performance by year.

Trading Performance and Statistics

General performance statistics.

Instrument Performance Summary

Summary performance statistics broken down by instrument.

System Parameter Settings

Listing of the settings for every parameter of each active system.


Text Reporting Table Areas: ( Fix-It )

Stepped Parameter Summary Performance

Yearly Performance Summary

Instrument Performance Summary

Test Period for parameter run 1.

Trading Performance

Win/Loss Statistics

Equity Management

Global Simulation Parameters

Monte Carlo Confidence Level Statistics


System Parameter Settings

(User Custom Statistics)

(User Custom Table Information)



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