The System List Area on the lower left side of the screen contains  a list the systems are available for testing and editing.  When a system is created, it will appear in this list, and be available.  Users can activate a particular systems for testing by clicking on the check box next to the system in the system list.  Any system name displayed can be added to a suite, and Multiple systems can be in a suite.  When multiple systems are in a suite, they don't need to be the same type of system, or be designed to work the same type instruments.  All the systems can use the same or different portfolios as needed.  


All suites will have one active "Global Suite Parameters" tab so that the settings of the suite will apply to all the systems contained within the suite.


The Trading Blox System Editor can create and change the design of any system.  All systems in Trading Blox are a structured list of the blox module perform the task that help to support the design idea of a trading approach.  When a system is selected to perform  a task it is usually designed to support a specific type instruments (Forex, Futures or Stocks) class.  


Almost all the system names in a system list are standard trading systems that operate mostly within the scope of the systems logic.  There is a Global  type of instruments that is available to suite so that it can take actions are a specific stage of a simulation.  Global systems most often don't attempt to create orders for entry and exits.  Instead, they are usually designed to be manage different types of tasks like data collecting, reporting and suite operational control of the standard trading systems.


System Selector Information:

All Systems Display List: ^Top

System Selector All Systems Displayed Liist

System Selector All Systems Displayed Liist


Trading Blox default System Selector List display shows all the available system names.


All suites will automatically be assigned a Suite Parameters.  These paramters are required because every suite needs the parameter setting information establish in the attached parameters so it will know how to handle the results of system test.


Suite Parameters are global settings that pertain to each suite and all the systems in the suite.  Other suites can have the exact same settings as another suite, if a suite is copied and renamed and the settings are not change.  A users can duplicate the suite parameter settings of a different suite when it is created using the New Suite command when a suite is selected.  All the settings established in a suite only pertain to the system(s) attached to that suite.


Walk Forward is a Global System.  Global Systems are displayed at the bottom of the Suite Parameters display just below the Equity Manager parameters.   All blox attached to a global system use different execution timing than blox assigned to a standard testing system.   Information about this specific blox is available in Walk Forward and its control parameters are available in Walk Forward Parameters.

Active System Displayed List: ^Top

System Selector Active System List

System Selector Active System List

Trading Blox provides an option to limit the system name list so it only displays the system names assigned to the selected suite.


This feature is enabled in this image.  It is controlled by a toggling action of the Home Menu Show All/Active button.  Clicking will change it from displaying all available systems.  Clicking it again will limit the display to only show the systems connected to the selected suite.


When All systems are displayed, finding a system is easy because the list is sorted in an ascending alphabetical order that can be scrolled.  When it is displaying on the suite's assigned systems, it is easier to understand what systems are assigned to a selected suite.


Global Systems: ^Top


When a suite has more than one system, each system is allowed to have a portion of the Equity Manager's Test Starting Equity amount.  However, a GSS system is not assigned any equity.


Allocation percentage distribution to systems is determined by the parameter setting showing the name of a system.


This image's "GlobalSystemSuite" is automatically determined when a system name is exactly the same as a suite name.  When that happens this dialog will appear as a reminder that the system being created will be treated as a Global System (GSS).

Click to Enlarge; Click to Reduce.

Global System Creation Reminder Dialog

System Selector Edit Items

System Selector Edit Items

When a system name is selected and the right-button on the mouse is clicked, this sample menu of system edit items will appear.  Clicking on any of the items in the list will open the linked System Editor.  When the screen appears, blox items listed in the list of modules can be added, removed or changed for another blox item.





Linked System Item Editor

Linked System Item Editor


Clicking an edit item from the above pop-up list of system components is display, this abbreviated version of the System Editor will display.  Any item in the system list can be removed, or replaced.  Blox modules that are assigned can be changed, added or removed.

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