Using Trading Blox - An Overview

Trading Blox uses sophisticated graphical elements to allow users to easily test complex systems.  Test are performed by selecting or creating a new suite name.  A variety of systems are installed during setup and can be used as a stand alone method, or with other systems in the same suite.  Custom systems can be created by changing the list of blox modules assigned to a system.  They can also be created or changed by creating new blox modules to use an idea not available in the provided strategies.  


Systems are tested by assigning them to an existing or new suite.  Suites can use systems that are designed to trade various instrument classes.  For example, a stock trading system and a Futures trading system can both be in the same suite at the same time.  Once a strategy has been tested and found acceptable, it can be used to generate orders for the next trading day.


When a strategy is tested, Trading Blox will generate a Summary Performance Report along with the selected reporting enabled in the General Reporting section of the program's Preferences.


Testing and Order Generation are both controlled from Trading Blox main screen  interface.  This main screen area has seven areas where various aspects of the program can be accessed, controlled, and display test results.  This next image is the  software's main program menu and setting area.  Each area  outlined with a red box is a link to more information about that area.  As the mouse moves over the image it will darken slightly and highlight the area where an active link is available.  Clicking on a highlighted section will display a page where more information about that section is available.


Image section areas are links to more information:

Click in a red box area to display additional Help information.

Trading Blox Main Screen with chart test information display.



Main Menu Groups, Active Suite and Test Results Area, Log Window Output, Suite Selector List, System Selector List


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