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Suite System Name Tabs:

Each system in a suite is provided with a tab that will display the blox parameters in that system when the tab is selected.  Each systems in a suite will have their own name tab and their own list of parameters.

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Run Simulation Results Tabs


The Test Results are displayed when a historical simulation test is finished. Each Test Results window has the following areas:


Results Tabs

Each Simulation Results window has an associated test results tab. Trading Blox automatically selects the tab which corresponds to the most recent test after that test finishes.  The tabs are named after the Simulation Suite


Test Summary List

The top of the Summary Results tab contains a list of the results for each of the distinct parameter combinations run for the simulation. For simulations with no parameter steps, this list will have only a single line. Clicking on any of the lines in the Test Summary List takes you to the top of the detailed results for that test.


Detailed Test Report

The bottom of the Summary Results tab contains a detailed test report. This report is generated using the HTML format, the same format as internet web pages. This allows much more sophisticated formatting than the simple ASCII Text file output used by most system testing programs. Each of these HTML-based reports are also saved as files in the Results Folder for later viewing. You can define which reports show up in the Detailed Test Report section using the Report General section of the Trading Blox Preferences.


Note that this HTML version of the summary results is redundant to the Test Summary Listing above. You can right click on this list to export directly to excel. This report does not print for runs greater than 5000 because the resulting file would be too large for windows to handle.


Report Section Tabs

Each Test Results window has one tab for the Summary Results and one for the Trades. Clicking on a tab will take you to that section.. The next section, Test Trades Report, shows the Trades Tab.


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