Trading Blox provides for sections where different types of data groups can be applied to a method.  Variables can also be Local to a script section.


Data Group Type Name Sections

Group Types:


Block Permanent Variables - (BPV)

Block Permanent Variables are the same regardless of instrument.  They retain their value in all the scripts, and are accessible from any script section.

Instrument Permanent Variables - (IPV )

Instrument Permanent variables can contain a different for each instrument.  Use these when you need the value to be available when an instrument is in context.  Instrument Permanent variables are only accessible using normal means when the script section has context.  Instrument Permanent variables can be brought into context in any script using the Block Permanent variable: <symbol-name>.LoadSymbol(reference) method.


Parameters create a powerful feature for controlling systems. They allow you to create systems that present their own user interface, and allow easy system setting changes.  They are also the primary control of how Stepped Optimizations are control.


Indicators are a form of Instrument Permanent variables and follow the same access.  Indicators are created using the Indicator Wizard process that makes custom indicator creation easy and fast.

Local Variables

Local variables are simple.  They must be declared in the script section where they are to be used.  Values assigned and cleared from these variables must be part of the sections scripting statements.


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