Blox Basic Language Reference

Blox Basic is a full-featured scripting language that lets you control a historical trading simulation using powerful language constructs.


The following sections are included in the Blox Basic Reference:

Reference Areas:


Basic Keywords

Trading Blox Basic's language is based upon the use of Objects.  Object are data structures that provide property values, and methods for changing values.  It also provides Sub-Routine and Functions for modifying information in various ways.

Data Variables

In Blox Basic you can create variables which have names and can hold values just like a spreadsheet cell can.


A powerful tool to verifying your scripts are doing what you intended, and a way to understand what must be changed when they are not working well.

Function Reference

A comprehensive list of all the functions built into Blox Basic

Indicator Pack 1

Additional indicators and functions are available in this section.

Indicator Reference

You can use a variety of indicators in a trading system.  Trading Blox provides a long list of available indicator methods and function.  All of these can easily be selected and used as a standard indicator for display, or as component to a custom indicator in a system.  Built-in functions can also create a value in a custom indicator you create.

Operator Reference

Shows the types of operators and expressions you can write in a Blox Basic script

Script Problem Information

This section contains information for solving some of the more common script problems.

Statement Reference

shows the types of statements you can write in Blox Basic


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