Local variables are declared in a script section this way:

'   ---------------------------------------------
'   Declare Local Variables in a manner similar
'   to these three declaration, but you should
'   consider using more meaningful names if it
'   is important
Variables: AnyNum1, AnyNum2, AnyNum3 TYPE: INTEGER
Variables: AnyFloat1, AnyFloat2, AnyFloat3 TYPE: FLOATING
Variables: AnyText1, AnyText2, AnyText3 TYPE: STRING


Local variables are not cleared to zero or any other value when they are declared.  Clearing a local variable is the responsibility of the script section in which they are declared and used.  Assigning a value to a local variable is no different than assigning a value to a Blox Permanent variable, a Instrument Permanent Variable, or a Parameter.


For example, consider these value assignments for the first local variable in the three different local variable declaration types:

'   ---------------------------------------------
'   Assign Some Value to these three variable types
AnyNum1 = 100
AnyFloat1 = 10.01563
AnyText1 = "Order Placed"


Local variables are not accessible to other scripts unless they are contained within a Custom Function.  When contained in a Custom Function, all the variables contained within the script section are accessible to script section from which the Custom Function was called.


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