This section contains information for solving script problems.  


Additions to this section are dependent upon being discovered and reported.  


If you find a problem that isn't referenced here, please send an email so we will be able to answer the question, or add the information to the Help File:

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Script Information Topic


Auto-Keyword Changes

Trading Blox version updates have sometimes created a need to change keywords.  When that happens the update where that change is implement will automatically attempt to repair the keyword reference so the user doesn't experience a problem.  Some changes cannot be handled automatically.  When we know about them they will be referenced in this section so you will understand what has to be changed.


Information on how to use the Trading Blox Editor's Debugger.

Keyword Changes

Keyword changes that have been recorded are listing in this section.  Sometimes we will miss getting all of them listed, but we will list them if you report them.

Restricted Keywords

Keywords that are no longer available or are restricted to only being available to internal Trading Blox resources are referenced in this section.  If you find a keyword you cannot use please report it so we can determine if it was an omission or a problem with your version.


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