Trading Blox™ does not provide data for historical testing or order generation purposes. It is recommended that users of Trading Blox purchase their data from a data provider to research trading system performance and/or generate orders for real trading. Limited out of date courtesy data is made available to new customers for a limited time, for orientation purposes.

Here are some of the providers that have data that is compatible with the Trading Blox™ engine:

CSI – Preferred End of Day Data Vendor

Provides Stock, ETF, Mutual Fund, Futures, and Forex DAILY data. Trading Blox will read the data files created by CSI without translation, so the process of updating data on a daily basis becomes a one button, or automated task. In addition, CSI provides the delivery month for futures, and the unadjusted close for stocks and futures. The unadjusted close is especially important for backtesting split adjusted stock data. Trading Blox customers will receive the dividend data separately, so that the correct P&L can be computed for long term trades, taking into consideration both stock splits and dividends.

If you order from CSI please be sure to inform them that you are a Trading Blox™ customer and use discount code TBLOX15 to receive a 15% discount on your first order.

C.S.I. Data
200 West Palmetto Park Rd. Suite 200
Boca Raton , FL 33432
(800) 274-4727
Web Site:


Support Files:

Setup CSI Stocks

Setup CSI Forex

Portara CQG Datafactory – Preferred RTH Daily & Intraday FUTURES Data Vendor. No Stocks.

Create continuous back-adjusted ASCII CSV files with CQG Datafactory™ Intraday and Daily Historical Futures Data using Portara Charts™ The CQG Databases reside locally on your machine. Portara Charts™ software is included complimentary. You may roll, compress, chart and customize your own ASCII/CSV formats for back-testing. Portara is fully Blox compatible with out-of-the-box templates.
Create RTH Daily data. It is CQG Datafactory with a Front End. Check it out at

Instructions on how to connect Portara to Trading Blox

Free 14 Day Trial

Interactive Brokers

Trading Blox Builder II has a direct API connection with Interactive Brokers to collect data and send orders, on an automated basis.