Company Purpose and Meaning

Trading Blox exists to help its users discover and implement trading systems that work. We provide sophisticated historical simulation and trading software supported by professionals with many years of experience trading the markets systematically as both private and institutional investors. Our team members have expertise in computer programming, trade execution, strategy development, portfolio construction, hedge fund management and operations, and venture capital. We are not salespeople or marketers or brokers or seminar gurus. We are professional money managers, programmers, and investors.

Systematic capital management fills an important niche in the investment ecosystem, providing a disciplined, quantitative method to deploy capital into an asset class. The rule based nature of this type of trading allows the investor to effectively plan for and manage risk, as well as spread capital across assets and systems such that a diversity of opportunity exists in the portfolio.

Using the Trading Blox simulation engine, it is possible to accurately assess the historical performance of almost any rule based trading regime imaginable, explore its parameter space, and statistically analyze and classify the results. The markets can always change and profits can never be guaranteed, but the data driven trader can guarantee that she is implementing a strategy with known historical performance and known rules for making decisions in new situations.

Using best practices reinforced by the very architecture of Trading Blox, the risks of over-fitting, over-trading, or trading the wrong markets or the wrong systems may be minimized and the benefits of non-correlation, diversification, and following a proven plan may be maximized. Trading Blox aims to provide the most accurate, fastest, and most flexible software and services package possible. We don’t take shortcuts. Real money is riding on every trade.