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License: ^Top




Trading Blox standard license allows a user to install the software on two different computers, but there is no licensing limit to the number of times or the folder locations on the same computer where Trading Blox can be installed.


ToolsMenu-RefreshWindows ^Top

Purpose of this option is to RESET the settings to how they were when the program was First Installed. It should be used when you want the original settings, or when something appears to be affecting the operation of Trading Blox.


This button restores the software settings in the computer's registry area.  This means that any changes made to any settings in all of the Trading Blox installations since they were installed will be just like they were when Trading Blox first installed.  For example, program screen size and location, editor column sizes, and Quick Access buttons, and information about the the last suite and system block used will all be restored to their default values.  Preference settings are not changed.  


After this feature has been used, Trading Blox will require your license name and registration information before it will complete startup and be available for use.  Once the default settings have been restored, Trading Blox will shut down, and will restart itself with its default settings.

Dictionaries Dividends: ^Top



When a Stock Dictionary is needed, or when there are stock additions or removals, this control will create a new Stock Dictionary.  Stock dictionaries use the CSI market data file (sdbfacts.csv) to build the stock dictionary.   See the Stock Dictionary in the Historical Data Setup section for more detailed information.


This button will remove the entire Stock Dictionary.  When the button is clicked, this dialog will appear asking for confirmation before deleting the dictionary:

Delete All the Stock Dictionaries Confirmation Dialog

Delete All the Stock Dictionaries Confirmation Dialog


ToolsMenu-DictionariesDividend-ReloadDictionaries ^Top

Trading Blox loads all dictionaries when it is started.  Any changes to a dictionary requires the dictionary to be reloaded.  A change to a dictionary happens when location of the dictionary is changed using the settings in Preferences setting section Data Folders and Data Option Preferences, or when any of the symbols in a dictionary are added, modified, or removed.


Use this option to reload Trading Blox dictionaries.


ToolsMenu-DictionariesDividend-BuildDividends ^Top

This option uses CSI's Unfair Advantage Dividend subscription to build dividend files in the folder location specified in the Preferences section Data Folders and Data Option Preferences.  When this button is clicked it will start Unfair Advantage so that it can read the dividend files.

Dividend File Requirements:

CSI's stock dividend data is delivered as encrypted files and are not useable by Trading Blox until they are unencrypted.  They will deliver decrypted files if you contact CSI and make their added cost arrangements to apply to your account subscription.


Alternately you can build your own dividend files manually from another source for each stock and place the files in the Dividend Folder. The format is Date,Dividend and you can see example files in the sample data that ships with the product.


Dividend sample data files install when Trading Blox is installed.  Dividend columns must follow this data layout sequence with each field be separated by a comma:

Date, Dividend, Dividend Value

Example Dividend File Data Column Sequence

Example Dividend File Data Column Sequence


When this button is clicked Trading Blox will display this confirmation request to proceed:

Update Dividend Files Confirmation Dialog

Update Dividend Files Confirmation Dialog


Clicking on "NO", will halt the dividend data updates.  A "YES" response will trigger Unfair Advantage to execute.  When Unfair Advantage is ready to accept Trading Blox connection, this next dialog will appear where each dividend file symbol will be displayed until the blue progress bar reaches the end.  When all the dividend files are updated the Processing dialog will disappear.

Dividend File Process Dialog

Dividend File Process Dialog

Quick Chart: ^Top



Quick Charts Option is a "Builder Licensed" version of a simple to use charting feature that will display any of Futures, Forex or Stocks stored in the Trading Blox folder paths set in the Data Folders and Data Option Preferences section of the Preferences setting editor.


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