System Editor Information

System Editor Information

Trading Blox System Editor area is where blox are selected, added, changed or removed from a system's trading control capabilities.  Image below shows the System Editor screen main sections.  Each section is an active link to more information about that section.  When a change is made in the System Editor, it will not be saved until the "OK" button is clicked and the editor is closed.  To ignore a system change, click on the "Cancel" button and nothing will be changed.


Creating or changing a system structure is made easy by accessing the menu options in the System Editing - System Menu area.  Adding, changing or removing blox from a system list is just as easy using the System Editing - Blox Menu options.


Click on any of the areas in this image to be linked to more information about each area:

Main System Editor

Main System Editor

System Updating:


All system changes are temporary until the "OK" button is pressed.  


Pressing the "Cancel" button after making any changes to one or many systems will allow all the changes to be ignored when the System Editor is closed.



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