Available Blox Modules

System Editor's blox module list show all the names of the available blox that can be assigned to a system.  Caution, these four blox types of blox can only appear System Section once in a system list of modules.  However, the other four blox types don't have the same limitation.


Adding, removing or changing a blox assignment to or in a system starts by right-clicking on a blox name wherever it appears.  This mouse action will display the Blox list of menu options.   By selecting an editing option the blox assignment will change.  An alternate is to click on a blox name and then click on the Blox menu option at to left side of the editor to access the Blox list of menu commands.

System Available Blox Modules

System Available Blox Modules

System Sections: ^Top

Portfolio Manager

Money Manager

Entry,Exit,Money Manager

Risk Manager

Only blox of these blox type can be assigned to each of these blox type sections.  

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You Cannot Have More Than One of This Blox Error.


When a blox is added to a system that is limited to only one blox with some of scripts in these three blox, this message will appear.




Custom Functions

All of these blox allow multiple blox to be added to any of these system area sections.  When more than one blox is added to any of these script sections the name order of the blox will be sorted in alphabetical order.  This is an important point to remember because the order in which each blox is listed in the system section area is the order in which script sections with the same name are executed.


To change the order in which the script sections with similar names is executed, you must change the name of the blox so that it will be placed in a different position after it is sorted.


Blox Script Sequencing:

When more than one blox name is shown in a blox type area, the blox names will alphabetically be listed when the system editor is closed using the "OK" button, and then viewed again.  Scripts in all the blox area use the sorted blox names to determine which script that is common to more than one blox is executed.


Blox Information: ^Top

Column Description:

Block Name

File name of blox.  Name can only be edited with Trading Blox Editor included in the Builder edition.


Primary Group names are listed in this column and must be one of the following:

Portfolio Manager


Entry Exit


Money Manager

Risk Manager



Custom Group names will also appear in this column when they are used by any of the blox that are installed in the Trading Blox Blox folder.


Primary Group names shown in the row above will be shown in this column when the blox item isn't using a custom group name.  Custom Group names can be almost any name the blox creator wanted to identify and have that blox appear in a specific group section in the Blox Builder Editor.


Date listed in the date the file was created or modified.


All changes made to any of the systems will be ignored and lost when the "Cancel" button is used to exit the System Editor.


All changes made since entering the System Editor will be saved and available to the system when the System Editor is closed using this "OK" button.


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