Log Files

Log Files

Trading Blox also creates several detailed logs when a test is run. Results from test are stored in file names that match the Log Name Preference setting.  Log files are stored in the Results folder.


You can quickly open this folder from the File Menu using the Results Menu Group.  You can also navigate directly to the Results folder and open each of the output files.  Be sure to close them or Save As before running another test or Trading Blox will complain.


Depending on the Preferences in the Report General, and Trade and Equity Logs enabled for reporting, data may, or may not be logged to these files.  These files are described in detail later in this section.

Log Name:


Trade Log

A complete list of each trade in text format.

Filtered Trade Log

A complete list of each filtered trade.

Daily Equity Log

A daily log of the major equity values for each trading day.

Monthly Log

Shows the equity for each month.

Print Output File

A file in which all PRINT statements go when using the PRINT statement in Blox Basic Scripting.


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