NewXY is the starting method used to create Bar, Scatter, Line, linear and, or Logarithmic charts.  



After this method has been executed, the type of features available on a chart are determined by adding other methods to the chart to generate the kind of chart needed.


When NewXY is executed:

First parameter is a text-value that places the characters into the chart's title label area.  

Second parameter is a numeric value that determines the chart's outside boundary width in pixels.

Third parameter is value that determines the chart's outside vertical height in pixels.

Fourth parameter is an optional modification string value that can rotate the orientation of the X & Y axis, the scaling of the data from a Linear to a Log scaled display, and it can add a drop shadow effect to the resulting image.



Chart.NewXY( ChartTextName, ChartPixelWidth, ChartPixelHeight, [ChartOptions] )





Text assigned to this parameter will be placed in the title bar area above the chart image.


Chart width is determined by the number of pixel entered into this parameter.


Chart height is determined by the number of pixel entered into this parameter.


There are three optional words that can change a chart:




Using the Log option in this parameter will convert the Y-Axis scale of the chart display from a Linear-scale to a Log-scale presentation


This option adds a drop shadow effect to the chart's appearance.  When used the shadow effect reduces the plot area of the image by the size of the added drop shadow effect.


Color used for the shadow will be different from the normal white color of the background to make its appearance noticeable.


Bar, Contour, Dot, and Line charts are oriented according the placement of the X & Y axis locations.  In most charts the orientation of the X-Axis is placed at the bottom of the chart, and the Y-Axis is place along the side, or vertical axis.


This option allows the X & Y Axis locations to be rotated so that the X-Axis is positioned along the side, or vertical axis, and it places the Y-Axis along the bottom axis.   When "Vertical" is used in this optional parameter location, the chart's data axis locations will show its visual information rotated 90-degrees to the right.


Vertical bars which show their value by their height orientation along an image's side or vertical axis will change to displaying horizontal bars that show their value in a left to right orientation along the rotated bottom axis.


Contour, dot and line information will also be rotated when those type of displays are added to the chart image space.



All three methods can be combined as an additional instruction to the NewXY chart method.  



"Vertical Shadow" will create a rotated axis chart with a drop shadow effect

"Log Shadow" will create a rotated axis with a drop shadow effect.

"Log Vertical Shadow" will create a rotated axis Log chart with a drop shadow effect.



NewXY function is required in the code scripts to start the creation of all the custom charts except the Pie Charts:







Link the above example area will display chart information and examples.



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