AddBarSeries adds a different series of data on a chart display.  



To add an addition bar group to a chart, call AddBarSeries again with a different data series.



chart.AddBarSeries( AsSeries( BarSeries ), Elements )





The BPV numeric series intended to represent a group of bars.



Use with all BPV Numeric or String series that are passed to any Chart parameter.

AsSeries(...) function conditions the series so the chart function will be able to use the information contained within each of the series elements.


The count of the numeric elements in the series.



Manually Sized Series:

GetSeriesSize function provides the element count.


Auto-Index series:

BPV: test.currentDay property reports last series element index.

IPV: property reports last series element index.



'  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  '  CREATE a Column / Vertical Bar Chart
  '  Create graphing space for a horizontal chart 300-Pixel wide,
  '  & 200-Pixels tall with chart title: "Vertical Columns"
  chart.NewXY( "Line Chart", 300, 200 )


  '  Size Plotting Area to these values
  chart.SetPlotArea( 10, 35, 60, 30 )

  '  Use Side-by-Side Bar/Column display
  chart.AddBarLayer( 3 )  
  '  Add 5 element values to represent "bar1"

  chart.AddBarSeries( AsSeries( bar1 ), 5 )

  '  Add 5 element values to represent "bar2"
  chart.AddBarSeries( AsSeries( bar2 ), 5 )

  '  Create & Save an image of the chart with
  '  this file name.  BackSlash Character is Required

  '  when using ResultsReportPath  
  chart.Make( Test.ResultsReportPath + "\" + "vbar.png" )


NewXY Option "Vertical" Not Enabled.

VBar_No-AddBarLayer 1-8-2013 12-02-54 PM

NewXY Option "Vertical" Enabled.

HBar-No.addBarLayer() 1-5-2013 11-47-49 AM



AddBarLayer, AsSeries, Make, NewXY, ResultsReportPath, SetPlotArea

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