Blox Module Reference

Blox Module Reference


Trading Blox Builder has three native modules that are needed to exercise a trading idea:

Trading Blox Modules:



Test Suite modules contain the name of one or more systems.  Each system can trade the same or different type of instruments.  Suites can also contain dedicated test-level Blox designed to work at the top level of a testing exercise.


Each system must have a unique name, and a system can function in one of two ways.  One way to a system can function is to contain a list of modules that can test a system idea.  As second way for a system to function is to contain one or more system modules that are designed to work at the top-level of how a Suite test supports one or more of the systems assigned to a specific Suite name.


When a System name is shown in the system list in a different color than the other system names shown with black colored text, the different color system name is designated to be a Global Suite System (GSS). Global Script Timing in GSS Blox execute differently than how the Blox are timed to execute.  See Script Section Types.


Trading blox has six Blox Types designed to handle different system responsibilities needed to test most of trading ideas.  Blox assigned to a Global Suite System are restricted in which of the possible Blox script sections allowed to execute.



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