Blox Modules:

Blox are system modules that encapsulate trading ideas. Most of the Blox are self-contained parts of a trading system designed to be connected with other Blox as a component part of a trading system method.  Some Blox can access data outside of their module, and outside of their system when their scope settings are set for external access.


The basic components of a trading idea are:

Parameters: - used by indicators to determine their specific computation result, for example: the number of days in a moving average.  Not all Blox require parameters when the numerical basis for internal calculations is coded into the scripted code.

Indicators: - used by the rules as indicators of market conditions, moving averages, RSI, ADX, etc.  Many indicators are available within the Indicator section of a Blox.  Those not available in that area can be created by entering the source code required for an indicator calculation result.

Rules: - used to determine when to enter or exit; how much to buy or sell, or how much risk is too much, buy on moving average crossover, what instruments to allow and other ideas.  A rule can be as simple as Buy If RSI > 55 etc.

By encapsulating trading ideas into a stand-alone Blox module, a package is created that can easily be linked to one or more systems that need the trading idea contained within the Blox.  Blox are trading objects, and while these objects only need to be created once, they can be many times by other systems to simplify the creation of different system methods.


Trading Blox:

Trading Blox Builder includes the following Blox:

Script Name:



Responsible for creating entry orders


Responsible for creating orders to exit existing positions

Portfolio Manager

Used to filter the instruments available to the system

Money Manager

Used to set the size of a trade for position sizing

Risk Manager

Used for filtering entry trades based on risk thresholds, adjusting stops, and reducing or exiting positions if necessary to reduce overall portfolio risk


Used to create custom indicators and statistics


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