When a new block module is created there is an option to include additional default scripts in addition to the required script sections that are required in the Block-Type selected:

Blox Editor New Blox Creation Dialog


This next table provides the matrix of the required block modules, and the script names of added default scripts.  Adding more scripts to a module is easy and often is required.  


Some script section define and can change the blox type after a defining script section is added.  For example, any blox that contains Rank Instruments or Filter Portfolio will be defined as a Portfolio Manager blox.  Any script that contains any of the Risk Manager's scripts (see rows 20 to 23 in the table image below) will be defined as a Risk Manager blox.


Scripts in this image table use Default Script Red Letter Green background colored symbol to show which script section are included when blox is created and the blox creation dialog option to include Optional Scripts where the Blox creation option Default Scripts can be automatically added.

Blox Module Defining, Default & Optional Scripts




Script Name Defines Module Type

Cells where this is displayed locate the script names that define the type of module.

Script Name Included as a Default Script

Script name section added when the Include Default Scripts option is enabled.

Optional Script Names Often Added

Can Fill Order scripts only execute when either an entry has been filled in the market, and when an exit order has closed an active position, or any of the position's unit segments.


Custom script execute when their names are called using the Script Object's Execute function

Intraday Script Section

Intraday script section executes for each intraday record.




Blox Script Timing, Blox System Placement, Blox Types, Trading Objects References

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