Script Section Reference

All the Trading Blox script sections are listed in this table.  Each script section provides execution that is timed to provide access to data at a specific phase of the Simulation Loop processing.  Some script sections are only executed under specific circumstances and when called by other scripts or functions.


For example, Exit Orders, and Adjust Stops are only executed when there the instrument.position property shows a Long or a Short position is active. Before Instrument Day and After Instrument Day scripts are only executed when there is a data record available for the date being processed.  See Blox Script Timing for more information about script timing.


Trading Blox Script Sections:

Script Name:


Before Simulation

This script section only executes at the beginning of a system test.

Before Test

This script section begins to execute after the Before Simulation script section, and at the beginning of a new step in a series of stepped parameter steps.

Rank Instruments

Filter Portfolio

Before Trading Day

Before Instrument Day

Before Bar

Exit Orders

Entry Orders

Unit Size

Can Add Unit

Before Order Execution

Update Indicators

Can Fill order

Exit Order Filled

Entry Order Filled

After Instrument Open

After Bar

Adjust Stops

Initialize Risk Management

Compute Instrument Risk

Compute Risk Adjustment

Adjust Instrument Risk

After Instrument Day

After Trading Day

After Test

After Simulation


Further information on a specific blox script can be found in Blox Script Access and in Blox Script Timing.  In some cases the descriptions in the Blox Reference section for each block type will have information specific to that block type if applicable.


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