You can generate orders from the command line.

You can use windows scheduler for this as well, if you create a .bat file.
Flags supported are:

 –suite "suitename1" "suite name 2"                        Suites to use

 -test                                                        Runs a test for each suite in the list

 -orders                                                        Generates orders for each suite in the list

 -min                                                        Starts Trading Blox in a minimized window

 -hidden                                                Runs Trading Blox as a hidden window

 -noProgress                                                Hides the progress dialog

 -exit                                                        Exits the program when finished. Runs silent mode: no breakpoints and no data loading error messages
To use, create a text file using notepad, with a .bat extension. Place .bat file in the Trading Blox folder.

Here is an example .bat file that opens the MySuite suite, generates orders, and then exits the application.

tradingblox.exe -suite "MySuite" -orders -exit


To run multiple .bat files in a row, or at the same time, use a Windows Script Host file.

Create a file in notepad with a .vbs extension. The following sets the current directory, and runs several bat files one after another.

The first parameter of the WSHShell.Run function is the bat file name, the second is the window style, and the third is wait on return.


Dim WSHShell
Set WSHShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
WSHShell.CurrentDirectory = "C:\Testing\TradingBlox\"
WSHShell.Run "BatchRun1.bat", 0, true
WSHShell.Run "BatchRun2.bat", 0, true
WSHShell.Run "BatchRun3.bat", 0, true


The above example runs hidden, and the .bat file also uses the -hidden -noProgress flags, so these can run behind the scenes while the computer is used for other tasks. If the bat files reference different install folders of Trading Blox, then the wait on return parameter could be false, which would launch all these processes at the same time. A multiple simultaneous license of Trading Blox would be required to run multiple instances at the same time.

Reference on Windows Script Host:


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