Used to access one specific String parameter, or a number of String parameters.


String Parameters are indexed independently from Numeric parameters.  

Index is sequenced from left to right in the order in which they are passed to the custom function.




sStringValue = script.stringParameterList[StringIndexNumber]





Index number of passed String Parameter.

Index number increments for each String Parameter.

Index position of 1 is assigned to the left-most String Parameter.



String value passed by the selected script created parameter.



When a String-Value is one of the items passed to a custom function the "[StringIndexNumber]" is based upon the order in which the string-values are listed in the calling statement.


In this example there is an Numeric parameter and a String parameter.  Each will use 1 as their index to pass their value to the custom function's local Variables.


'  Custom Function Statement
'script.Execute( "FileItemNameExists", iFileItemType, sFileItemName )


'  Custom Function is Executed on this next line.
script.Execute( "FileItemNameExists", 1, test.futuresDataPath )
'  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
VARIABLES: sFileItem_FINE                   Type: String
VARIABLES: iFileType_FINE, iCreatOK_FINE   Type: Integer
'  --------------------------------------------------------------
'  Get File item string assigned
iFileType_FINE = script.parameterList[1]
sFileItem_FINE = script.stringParameterList[1]



  PRINT iFileType_FINE '  Results will show  1
  PRINT sFileItem_FINE '  Results will show  "Default Trading Blox Futures Data Drive and Path



Script, Script Functions, Script Properties, ParameterList, ReturnValue, StringReturnValue

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