Used to access a specific parameter, or a number of parameters.


Numeric Parameters are indexed independently from String parameters.  Index is sequenced from left to right in the order in which they are passed to the custom function.



NumericValue = script.parameterList[IndexNumber]





Index number of passed Numeric Parameter.

Index number increments for each Numeric Parameter.

Index position of 1 is assigned to the left-most Numeric Parameter.

Additional Numeric parameters get an incremented value of 1 added their index value.



When a Numeric-Value is passed to a custom function it is assigned and index.


In this example the left-most Numeric parameter is index equal to 1.  Second Numeric parameter to the right of the first Numeric parameter gets the index value of 2.  Index is increment by 1 for each Numeric parameter passed.


'  Custom Function Statement
'script.Execute( "AddNumbers", iFirstNumber, iSecondNumber )


'  Custom Function is Executed on this next line.
script.Execute( "AddNumbers", 3.40, 0.25 )
'  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
VARIABLES: iValue1, iValue2                   Type: FLOATING
'  --------------------------------------------------------------
'  Get File item string assigned
iValue1 = script.parameterList[1]
iValue2 = script.ParameterList[2]



  PRINT iValue1 '  Output will show  3.4
  PRINT iValue2 '  Output will show  .25



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