Opens a file for editing.  


When the file has a ".csv" suffix, it will open in Excel, or other spreadsheet program that is assigned to file with this suffix type.

When the file has a ".txt" suffix, it will open in a text-editor like Notepad, or any other text editing program that is assigned this suffix type.



EditFile( "FileToOpen" )





Disk location and file name to open.  File information can be text, or the String variable containing the file's name and disk location.



' File will open in the default software assigned to files with a ".htm" suffix.
EditFile( "c:\corr3.htm" )
EditFile( "c:\Test.csv" ) ' Will open in Excel, or a spreadsheet as assigned in windows.
EditFile( "c:\Test.txt" ) ' Will open in Notepad, as assigned in windows.


No return.



CopyFile, DeleteFile, Extract, FileExists, FileSize, MoveFile, OpenFile

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