Log Equity Graph

Following the Summary Test Results, a series of graphs is displayed.  In this image example both the total and closed equity are shown along with the drawdown:

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Total & Closed Logarithmic Equity Curve Results with DrawDown

Closed Equity display is controlled by the settings in the Preference's section Reporting General.


The Log Scale Equity Graph displays the Total Equity and Closed Equity on a logarithmic scale (with time on the horizontal axis), providing a view into how the overall account value changes over time, as well as how Total Equity and Closed Equity vary in relation to one another over the same time period.


Total Equity is plotted in blue; Closed Equity is plotted in red.  In the world of finance, red is often used to represent a loss.  Here, it is used only to distinguish between the Total Equity and Closed Equity, and has no other connotation.


On a logarithmically-scaled Equity chart, a given distance (on the vertical axis) always represents an equal percentage change.  For instance, on the chart below, the distance from $100K to $1M is the same as the distance from $1M to $10M.  They both represent the same percentage change (in this case 1,000%).


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