Fees Parameters

Global parameter fee transactions accrue based upon the Fee's selected period setting.  

Each fee type can use a different accrual period.  As fees accrue, they are booked as draws.

Capital Adds & Draws transactions can be included in the transaction basis.


Global Suite Fees Parameters

Global Suite Fees Parameters



Management Fee (Annual % of Equity) ^Top

This fee is a percentage calculation.  It is the cost of inclusion into the trading management structure.

Charge Management Fee ^Top

Daily-Monthly-Quarterly-Yearly Options

Management fees accrual timing is determined by this selected value.

Incentive Fee (% of Net New Profits) ^Top

Incentive fee is the reward fee available to management for the gain of the selected period.

Charge Incentive Fee ^Top

Daily-Monthly-Quarterly-Yearly Options

Incentive fees are determined by the user's selected accrual period.

Use Capital Adds Draws ^Top

True-False-Step Options

When this parameter is set to False, Capital Adds & Draws are ignored.

When it is set to True, the change in the account equity value is included in the calculation basis percentages.

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