Default setting for the Broker Direct interface is Offline.   When it isn't Offline, its connection can be set to any one of these three options:

Broker Parameter Connection Options

When the Broker Connection is not Offline, the Broker parameter option selection will be set to Interactive Brokers (IB), or one of the two Forex Capital Markets (FXCM) selection options.  All three Broker selection options will show a different set of parameters.  Each Broker selection shows the same set of parameters regardless of the selection of three connections that are not Offline.  On the left side of this table set is the Offline parameter single parameter option, and below the Offline parameter image is the IB parameters required.  On the right side of the table set are at the top is the Broker connection parameter options for FXCM, and just below that table area are the TB_FXCM parameters.

Broker Connection: Offline

Broker Connection: FXCM



Broker Connection: IB

Broker Connection: TB FXCM







Broker Connection: ^Top

Broker Parameter Connection Options

Offline: The existing data will be used, no data from broker, no orders to broker.

Data Only:  

TB will first update the data from the selected Broker, when possible.



When using the Data option, the Dictionary entry for each instrument needs to be set for the Broker. When the data format is ASCII, then the data will not be updated from the broker.

Orders Only:

TB will use existing data only, synch positions, and send orders to broker.

Data and Orders:

TB will update data from broker, synch positions, and send orders.

Broker: ^Top

Broker Name Options


Data and Orders use the Forex Capital Markets (FXCM) brokerage.


Data and Orders use the Interactive Brokers (IB) brokerage.


This Broker selection option uses Forex Capital Markets (FXCM) free courtesy forex data. This option can only be used when the Broker Connection is set to Data Only .


Orders cannot be sent to this data only account.

Reporting: ^Top


Broker Direct Log files are saved in Trading Blox Results Folder where the program is installed.

Interactive Brokers (IB):


IB Port: ^Top

IB Client ID: ^Top

IB Global Cancel: ^Top

Broker Account Type Options

Forex Capital Markets (FXCM)


FXCM Login: ^Top

FXCM Password: ^Top

FXCM Account: ^Top

FXCM Account Type: ^Top

Broker Account Type Options


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