Total number of open orders not filled or rejected.  This property is updated when an order is created, or an active order is rejected.  


When called from a script section where an order is generated, this property will include the most recent order in its return value once the Broker function returns the processing to script where the Broker function was executed.



x = system.totalOpenOrders





Property keeps a count of all active and unfilled orders.



system.totalOpenOrders and system.TotalOrders can return the same value.  They can also return different values when system.TotalOrders( symbol ) is called with a symbol value in its optional parameter.


Understanding how the two above methods can be used is in system.SetAleternateOrder topic.


system.TotalOrders can provide the same information as this property.  This system.totalOpenOrders property is kept for backward compatibility, but could be removed from the manual on a later date.



  '  Property value change can first be seen here:
  '  If Broker function creates an order...
  If system.OrderExists() THEN

    '  Show order information
    PRINT block.scriptName, _
          test.currentDate, _

  ENDIF '  system.OrderExists()


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