Sorts the series1 based on the values in series2. Only for non auto indexed series. Not available for auto indexed series.


Note that the three optional parameters are only optional if the preceding parameter is included.

The following are valid:

SortSeriesDual( series1, series2 )
SortSeriesDual( series1, series2, elementCount )
SortSeriesDual( series1, series2, elementCount, offset )
SortSeriesDual( series1, series2, elementCount, offset, direction )


The following is not valid:

SortSeriesDual( series1, series2, direction )



SortSeriesDual( series1, series2, [element count], [offset], [direction] )





The series name that will be sorted based upon the values in series2.


The series name that contains the values sorting will use to determine the sort

[element count]

Optional value.  Function default sorting action is to sort all the elements in the series.  When a value is entered, that value determines how many elements in the series are sorted.


Optional value. The starting index from which element count goes back for non auto indexed series.  Default value is zero so the function will sort the [element count] specified elements.


When parameter is not used, the default sort is in ascending order.


Positive value sorts the elements in ascending order.

Negative value sorts the elements in descending order.



'  Sort resultsIndex based on the values of the results series.
SortSeriesDual( resultsIndex, results, elementsToSort, elementsToSort, -1 )
'  Sort the series element in descending order.
SortSeries( results, elementsToSort, elementsToSort, -1 )


Sorted series based upon the values in the series 2.




See Also:

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