Seeds the random number generator with the optional seed value.  A time value is used when the Seed-Value is excluded so that the sequence of random numbers is different every time a test is run.  


If you don't use this RandomeSeed function, the Random function will return the same sequence of random numbers for every simulation run.


When you need to create a repeative series of value during a debugging a problem, do not use the RandomSeed function.  Otherwise, it is usually a good practice the generate different sequences each time.



Best to use in the Before Simulation script, so it is run just once at the start of the test.


value = RandomSeed( [ seedValue ] )




[ seedValue ]

Optional Seed-Value.



' Seeds the random number generator with the time. Returns the value used.
seedValue = RandomSeed  
' Seeds the random number generator with the current parameter test
RandomSeed( test.currentParameterTest )






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