Prints values to the Print Output.csv file in the Results folder where  is installed.  It will also print the information to the log window when the Log Window is active.   The Log Window is displayed on the main screen below where a system's parameters are displayed.  



PRINT [expression], [expression], [...]





Optional: Any expression to be printed. When no expressions are used, the PRINT function will create a new blank line.  When more than one expression is included, each expression must be separated by commas or semicolons.


Optional: Any expression to be printed.


Optional: Many more expressions can be included in the statement.



'  --------------------------
'  Create a list of positive random values
PRINT ( AbsoluteValue ( Random ( 10 ) - 100 ) )
'  --------------------------
'  Print a blank line to provide space between lines.
'  --------------------------
'  Print the System Name
'  --------------------------
'  Print the Suite Name
'  --------------------------
'  Declare two String variables to hold text information
VARIABLES: variableOne, variableTwo Type: String
'  Assign text information to each String variable
variableOne = "Hello I am "
variableTwo = "Bob"
'  Print the String variable values.
PRINT variableOne, variableTwo
'  Print some text information and a name.
PRINT "Don't blame me, blame ", variableTwo
'  --------------------------
You can also PRINT mathematical expressions which will be evaluated:
Printing is extremely useful For debugging. For instance, If you are trying TO figure OUT why something won't work, can be useful to put several print statements like:
PRINT "The date: ",, "Close: ", instrument.close
PRINT "The variable in question: ", entryRiskOrSomeOtherVariable
You can PRINT any expression, variable, parameter, indicator, OR object.
PRINT Log Files
PRINT sends output TO the Log window AND TO two additional files:
C:\Program Files\TradingBlox\Results\PrintOutput.csv
C:\Program Files\TradingBlox\Log Files\Normal.Log
PrintOutput.csv is re-written every time a test is run. Normal.Log stores up TO 1 MB of data, so it has results from as many tests as it can hold. After it is full, it will create Normal.Log.1, Normal.Log.2, etc. up TO 10 MB of PRINT results.
These files are comma delimited For use in other programs.  






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