Percentage Screen display values show the default value entered into the parameter dialog's Default Value field, unless the Blox is attached to a Suite and the user has changed the Main screen displayed value.  When entering a value into the dialog's Default Value field use the decimal equivalent for the percentage display required.


When changing the value of the Main screen's displayed percentage display, a percentage number should be used.  For example, if you enter a 20 into the Main screen parameter display, it will display 20%, and it will be equivalent to 0.20 decimal when applied as as a script value.  If you enter a value of 0.20 it will be displayed as 0.20% and be equivalent to 0.02 decimal in a code statement.





Default value entered must be as a decimal where 0.10.  When this parameter appears on the main screen page it will be displayed as 10%.  In calculations it will be applied as a decimal where 10% is applied as 0.10.


Dialog Example:

Click to Enlarge; Click to Reduce.

Percent Parameter Selection Example

Parameter Menu Example:

Click to Enlarge; Click to Reduce.

Percent Parameter Menu Example



Variables:  AmountIs, NumberIs Type: Floating
'  Assign a value
AmountIs = 1000
'  Using the Dialog variable name above,...
NumberIs = AmountIs * PercentValue
'  Send number results to Log Window
PRINT "NumberIs = ", NumberIs



NumberIs =  100.000000000



Constants Reference

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