OpenFileDialog returns the string of the path the user has selected using the open file dialog.



completeFilePath = OpenFileDialog( [filter extension], [file Name], [start path] )




[filter extension]

Optional: This is for filter extensions, like .exe, .txt or .csv

[file Name]

Optional: Use this field for the file name to find.

[start path]

Optional: Use the path field to specify where the dialog will open a disk location.



'  The filter extensions are a paired string separated by a |.
'  So "Text Files|*.txt" would display Text Files and show only files ending with .txt.
'  For multiple extensions for the same display name use a semi colon as in the example below.

  "Text Files|*.txt;*.csv"


You can set multiple filters such as:

"Text Files|*.txt|CSV Files|*.csv"

PRINT OpenFileDialog( "Text Files|*.txt;*.csv", "orders.txt", fileManager.DefaultFolder )
PRINT SaveFileDialog( "Text Files|*.txt;*.csv", "orders.txt", fileManager.DefaultFolder )


When this function is working, a Windows file dialog will appear.




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