This function sends html formatted email using the connection to the email server setup with EmailConnect.


Additional EmailSendHTML Notes:

If the first character of the message (6th argument) or alternate text (8th argument) is a '@', then it is considered as the filename which contains the message to send.


The 'Images' field contains the filenames of images that are to be embedded in the email message. The first image must be referenced in the text of the HTML encode email message as


  <IMG SRC="cid:message-root.1">


The second image (if any) must be referenced as


    <IMG SRC="cid:message-root.2">


Continue in this way for all embedded images.

'AltText' is used to provide a plain ASCII text equivalent of the message for those email clients that cannot decode HTML.



EmailSendHTML( toList, subject, message,_

              [ccList], [bccList], [attachments], [images], [alternate text] )





the list of email address to send the email to. To send to more than one email address put <> around each address and separate using a semi colon.


The subject of the email.


The message body of the email.


Optional: The email cc list.


Optional: The email bcc list.


Optional: The list of file names to attach. Full path name required. Separate multiple files by a semicolon only -- no spaces.


Optional: The image files to send.

[alternate text]

Optional: The alternate text for plain text viewers.









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