Trading Blox provides the functions needed to send unsecured, and secured emails.  Unsecured email servers are not very popular any longer, so you might forced to only use the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption connection function to establish a connection.  SSL method emails are more secure because of the authentication processes involved that are used with unsecured emails.


To understand what is required, spend time reviewing the functions and the examples, and get the information your email client is required to use when you send an email using a specific email service.


When you have a working email process functioning with Trading Blox you will be able to send text messages and files like the standard Trading Blox files, or a customer position and order file created for how you communicate brokerage orders.





Function adds an email image to the email being constructed. See examples that show how to include the image tag in the email body.


Connects to the email server


Connects using stunnel SSL


Sends an email


Sends an html formatted email


Disconnects from the email server

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