Methods available to annotate your scripts so they will be understandable later.  Data comments are sections of code that are intended for human reading, and are ignored by Blox Basic script interpreter.


Commented scripts will help you document as your are creating it, and provide an aid in understanding the code later on.  These same comments are also useful for others to understand your intentions when you created your code.


Blox Basic comments start with the ' character and continues until the end of the line. The Trading Blox Builder interpreter ignores any characters or code that follows a '  character.



'  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
'  The Amazing Code to Add Two Variables Together!!!
'  Copyright 2005 By TradingBlox LLC.  All Rights Reserved.
'  Steal this code at your own peril!
'  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
'  Add a and b
SumAB = ( a + b )
'  That was great!


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