Finds the Cross-Over timing and relationship of two data series.


CrossOver( series1, series2, [direction], [crossOverSize], [offset] )





The first data series to compare to the second data series.


The second data series that is used to compare to the first data series.


Optional: The direction of the cross over.  

Use a positive [direction] number to look for series1 goes from below series2 to above series2.

Use a negative [direction]number to look for when series1 goes from above series2 to below series2.


By default, function use a 1 positive value.


The number of bars to consider when looking for the cross.


The default value is 1 bar, which will check if the cross occurred between the last bar and the current bar.


The number of bars to offset back before looking for the cross over.


The default is to look at the current bar.



'  Check if there was a cross over between the short

'  moving average and the long moving average.
IF CrossOver( shortMovingAverage, longMovingAverage ) THEN
  PRINT "Yes, there was a cross over today."


TRUE, if there was a cross over, FALSE, if not.




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