This Trading Blox function requires a CSI's Data Service stock subscription with dividends unencrypted to access Unfair Advantage dividend information.  At the time of this text entry Dividend files were only available with a Gold Stock subscription service.  They also must be unencrypted for Trading Blox to be able to access the dividend data in the CSI file so it can create local dividend files that Trading Blox can access.  


Current CSI Data Subscriptions are available here: CSI Data Service


When this function is executed in the same Suite script where updated dividend files are needed, the test must be aborted after the dividend update and then run again with this new data.  For some the process for updating dividend files is easier to use the Trading Blox Preference -> Data Folders and Options section "Build Dividends" option.


A batch file to execute a Suite file that updates the dividend files can also make it a two step process when the "Update Dividends suite ends it then automatically executes the suite where the updated dividend files are needed.







< none>

Process builds files that are not made available for test simulation during dividend file creation.  This means the first pass is used to create the files, and the second pass will make the files available for testing.


If the Main Menu screen open Log window reports errors, the Stock subscription has expired, or Trading Blox preference setting for the location of the Unfair Advantage software installation needs to be changed.



'  Begin Dividend File Creation using CSI Stock Subscription







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