Backtesting my ideas

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Backtesting my ideas

Post by Chris67 » Mon Dec 29, 2003 11:00 am

Apologies if this topic is in the wrong section.. I don't think it necessarily is.

I have a good idea for a short term system to overlay on my long term system but dont know how to test. The idea is based on RSI's and the general idea is that if , on a short term basis, perhaps 60 min chart , RSI's are above ''x'' then buy and if they are below ''x'' then sell.

What would people recommend as the best testing platform for this analysis on a shorter time frame ? and does anybody have any ideas on where I can get a good deal on intra day data .. i.e 60 or 360 minute data

Thanks in advance for comments


Roundtable Knight
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Post by Bondtrader » Mon Dec 29, 2003 12:51 pm

You must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss. Also in price charts, a bar is just a bar.

If you have software that only knows how to handle daily bars (Metastock? Veritrader? Trading Recipes?) but you want to use it on 30 minute bars, you can do it. Yes really, you can.

Just put the data into ASCII format and import it into microsoft excel. Delete the column(s) that give the day and time. Now here's the cool part: Add a new column that contains some (false) dates, making the file appear to be daily data. You're taking 30 minute bars and labeling them as though they are daily bars. You know and I know that they're 30 minute bars, but Metastock doesn't know that. You have fooled metastock into believing that it's a file of daily bars. Now export as ASCII and you're done.

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