Csidata Point values mistakes

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Csidata Point values mistakes

Post by marriot » Sat May 22, 2010 4:46 am

Maybe is usefull write here all csidata errors.
Use as a warning, i can be wrong.
This is what i find till now:

BFX, csi point value 20, correct value 10.
BL2, csi point value 1250, correct value 50.
DJE, csi report trading all months, correct months HMUZ.
KFX, csi point value 10.000, correct value 100.
KLI, csi point value 500, correct value 50.
OBX, csi point value 1000, correct value 100.
EBM, csi min move 5, correct min. move 1.
SXX, correct value 1, just because of csi format price.
There is some problems with FV an TU/TU2 always come up.
If anybody would like to write here the correct settings it will be nice.
Thank you.
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Post by sluggo » Sat May 22, 2010 8:39 am

An older thread covers similar themes: viewtopic.php?p=20189&highlight=insurance#20189

In particular, note the scary posting from user nickmar. Sometimes the exchange websites contain incorrect information! Ouch!

Thus the cautious and thorough trader will proceed slowly. Step 1, import the contract specs from CSI UA (via "Synch UA" operation in Blox). Step 2, open the ASCII price data file exported by CSI and verify the #decimal digits and the minimum tick. Step 3, double-check the contract specs and margin against the exchange website. Step 4, call your broker and verify the BPV and margin. Step 5, make a one-lot "cheap insurance" daytrade for final verification.

Having said all that, I will add that many of the CSI UA factsheet entries for futures on the TGE (Tokyo Grain Exchange) are incorrect as of today (22 May 2010). BPV and minimum tick are often wrong.

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