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Where to find aggregate balance of settlement accounts?

Posted: Sat Apr 03, 2010 9:36 am
by oem7110
Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find aggregate balance of settlement accounts for different major countries? which contains the updated and historical data.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions

Definition for Aggregate Balance:
The sum of balances in the clearing accounts and reserve accounts maintained by commercial banks with the central bank. In Hong Kong, this refers to the sum of the balances in the clearing accounts maintained by the banks with the HKMA for settling interbank payments and payments between banks and the HKMA. The Aggregate Balance represents the level of interbank liquidity, and is a part of the Monetary Base. Since June 1998, the HKMA has been disclosing forecast changes in the Aggregate Balance attributable to the HKMA's foreign exchange transactions as well as issuance of and interest payments on Exchange Fund paper on a real time basis through Reuters and Bloomberg.