Day v's Night session

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Day v's Night session

Post by damian » Sat Jul 26, 2003 12:05 am


I am trying out another broker. At my previous broker I can use one code for day and night session stop loss orders, eg, a stop loss in CL will work in Nymex hours and in Access hours. It now appears that I need to work two stop loss orders, one for CL (Nymex day) and one for YC (Access night crude symbol). If I only place a stop loss in CL, the order is not worked during the night session.

It appears that the same situation applies in globex currencies. I need to have a stop loss order for the day session Swiss (SF) and one for the night session (S2).

Is this normal? My previous online broker was not full service, but I could still effectively say to him "buy 1 CL at 30 on stop GTC, good all sessions". Same for globex markets. My order would then just pass between day and night sessions without any intervention from myself.


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Post by Kiwi » Sat Jul 26, 2003 3:20 am

No it doesnt seem normal to me .... excessively pedantic compared with my own experiences.

I have used Fox (Kevin Riordan) and Acclaim (Walter Galwass and Jeff Eizenberg for some years. I would recommend them to anyone by the way. They have both provided good customer focused service and flexibility when I needed it. I have provided them with orders for day and night markets in the the form:

JY0603 Sell 1 at .9999 stop (day only) and
Sell 1 at .9994 stop .9990 limit (globex)

In some cases the orders were more complex requiring them to calculate the overnight order based on the day session lows or highs.


edward kim
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Post by edward kim » Sun Jul 27, 2003 7:11 pm


I have the same order symbols 24 hours a day. IB though does specify a difference between native and non-native stop limit orders (I forgot what that means though) between regular trading hours and the overnight sessions. I am wondering if that is the reason why my orders sometimes do not get filled.


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