Setup CSI UA

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Setup CSI UA

Post by rille66 »

Just downloaded CSI UA Futures and i'm having trouble with it to work. Need advise how to set this up in TB.

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Roger Rines
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Re: Setup CSI UA

Post by Roger Rines »

Once you have CSI installed, the next step is to create a portfolio of symbols you wish to use.

During the process of creating a portfolio, you will need to select and or create a folder location where CSI will send the data symbol files listed in the portfolio. That destination folder path will need to be the same path that is listed in Trading Blox. Trading Blox installer will create some folders and place sample data in folders that it will use. Folder paths for Futures are only for Futures symbols. Stocks are only for Stock class instruments. The Forex data folder is only for Forex files.

To update all three types of instruments each day, you will need three or more portfolios so all the data needs are updated each market day.

Each day, each portfolio that is run, Unfair Advantage will update the data in the portfolios.

To ensure that Trading Blox can see the data, take read the Trading Blox User's Guide, Preference and Data sections. ... ormenu.htm

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Tim Arnold
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Re: Setup CSI UA

Post by Tim Arnold »

Here are the basic steps to setup CSI Futures Data:
1) In CSI UA, use the "Import Vendor Portfolio" menu to import the TBLOX Futures portfolio.
2) Note the location of the data files, probably something like "C:\UA\Files\TBLOX Futures\" depending on your setup.
3) In Trading Blox Preferences, set the Futures Data Folder to this folder location.
4) Copy the "FuturesInfo.txt" file (Futures Dictionary) from the "TB/Data/Futures CSI" folder into this folder location.
5) Restart TB, or use the Tools/Reload Dictionaries menu item.
6) Setup a portoflio in TB selecting the markets you want to test and use this portfolio for testing.
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