Apple versus PC's

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Post by Nussgipfel »

I checked with MacMall yesterday and their top of the line MacPro laptop with 4 GB with RAM and 250 GB HD can be ordered with Windows Vista Ultimate pre-installed and Paralles for approx. US $ 3,800.00 after mail-in rebates.

Have a great weekend all!
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Post by corvus »

Any chance of recompiling TB for Mac OS? I know it's a fair amount of work but how many other trading/analysis programs are out there for the mac platform?
Forum Mgmnt wrote:I really wanted to buy a Mac laptop but ended up getting an IBM T60p instead. The ONLY reason I didn't buy a Mac is the screen size. They just didn't have enough vertical pixels for my taste.


But the Mac OS is much much better. My next desktop will be a Mac, and my next laptop once they have at least the same vertical pixels.
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Post by Tim Arnold »

We have no plans to develop a Mac native version. Customers that use the Parallels solution seem quite happy.
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Post by Nivlek »

It may certainly be the case that Wintel software can be run on an Mac via Parallels (or other VM's), but I think given the choice - any Mac user would prefer that their software not have to rely on an alternate OS (I know I do).

I don't currently use TB, but having an OSX version would be a large selling feature to myself and probably many other Mac users.
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Post by Nussgipfel »

Does anybody have any experience with Fusion 2 on an Apple computer and Tradingblox? Would you prefer Fusion overs Parallels? Why?

When either using Fusion or Parallels do you use it with Vista and which version? (Home, Pemium, Ultra?)

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Post by Johnedoe »

I have a MacBook Pro and I run fusion with windoz XP.... it runs great, far better than parallels. I can have both platforms open simultaneously, apple on one monitor and windoz on a second monitor, I have not noticed any speed loss or any other problems.

I think this is an excellent combination.
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Post by gunter »

I used to run all my backtests in Excel. In 2009, I used Paralles and Windows XP with Excel to run these tests. My Macbook with a Core2Duo at 2.4 GHz was soundly beaten by my 5 year-old Dell Pentium 4 at 2.4 GHz running the exact same backtest.

At the time, I reformatted my old Dell as Parallels just was too slow for my needs. That said, XP and Excel aren't good at using multiple cores. I don't know if things have improved with Windows 7, and I haven't tested it, but generally once things started getting very CPU-intensive, Parallels really started bottlenecking my Mac.
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Re: Apple versus PC's

Post by leslie »

Since this is my first post, let this be on a truly irrelevant problem.

Yes, macOS is a very nice platform.
Currently, I am typing on an iMac23, the latest with max CPUs, max clock speed, max memory.
The Retina display quality just cannot be had from other vendors.
(I tried Eizo, Dell, Panasonic, etc. and sent them back or sold them at a loss.)

I use VMware.
Works perfect.
Makes Win10 almost livable.
One warning: latest VMware Fusion Pro did NOT work with latest macOS.
I had to downgrade to macOS Mojave (version 10.14.6).

Parallels: yes, possible, but pricy.
Boot camp: very fast but losing macOS functionality is a pain.
(I spend a lot of time in front of the machine and hate to be in Windows prison again.)

Other advantages: the iMacs just don't brake, don't freeze, don't die.
In the rare instance that something is wrong, just talk to Apple nicely and they fix it.
The replaced a faulty Samsung panel for FREE 5 years out of warrantee.

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