Data (D):/UA insists to write to C:/Files

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Data (D):/UA insists to write to C:/Files

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Not sure if I should post this in Data or support (elapsed I guess), but here goes.

TB Builder II 5.02 x64 Version


I reinstalled UA from my C to my D drive, and uninstalled/deleted everything UA from C

UA installed on my D drive, TB is pointing to UA on D only (see pic). (For some reason I can´t attach a picture)

When I run CSI it automatically creates a Files folder in C again with TBloxfutures and TBloxforex subfolders, and does not update anything in D. There is not even a Files folder within the D installation.

I cut and pasted the Files folder from C to D which runs TB with the latest data. The next CSI run then will create again the Files folder on C? If I point TB to C/UA all good but when trying to synchronize a symbol in the futures dictionary it can´t find UA. When I change the path back in TB to D:/Files/TBloxfutures.... it still can´t find UA?

Any idea why UA insists on creating/writing to C? Much appreciated
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