Which VERSION of Blox would I need?

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Roundtable Knight
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Which VERSION of Blox would I need?

Post by nodoodahs »

I am currently backtesting (in Excel) a strategy that involves the relationship of two PPO indicators. The PPO is an MACD measurement that is normalized across different equities or assets by dividing the MACD by the slow EMA used in the MACD.

Entry signals are generated by a formula, X * PPO1 + Y * PPO2 = Z, and low values of Z are short signals, high values are long signals, and intermediate values are irrelevant. The stops would be an initial hard stop and a trailing based on ATR.

To generate the signals, I need to calculate three different EMAs and perform some algebra.

My question: which *version* of Blox would I need to use to automate this strategy?
Tim Arnold
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Post by Tim Arnold »

Hi nodoodahs,

The Trading Blox Builder edition is the one that you would need. The other editions do not support custom system development. They are for non programmers and allow drag and drop system construction using existing blox.

Your strategy could be implemented with minimal effort in Trading Blox Builder.

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