CQG & C++/VB

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CQG & C++/VB

Post by daronnebonneau »


I currently have CQG with trade system tool.
But CQG trade system uses formula language.

Is there any way i can control or link CQG trade system (backtesting )using " Programming Language "such as C++, VB ?


AFJ Garner
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Post by AFJ Garner »

I was interested in CQG as a front end dealing platform and also as a back up data source. I am not even sure whether you can download their EOD data - I can't recall. But one problem is that their technical department could not explain to me the algorithms used to backadjust contracts. Which I felt was pretty poor. Bloomberg appears to be equally doolally in that respect.

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Post by Roscoe »

Hi AFJ. I am still looking for code that will allow me to do my own rollovers - my reasoning is that having my own software will mean that I can take contract data from any source and process it as I want.

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