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Weight by Inverse Momentum

Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 4:41 pm
by AFJ Garner
Weighs Positions By Inverse Momentum

Those who do not own Trading Blox can test this system using a free on-line demonstration. Go to and enter “ETFDemo” as the license name and key.

It is often claimed that stocks (or perhaps financial instruments generally) are mean reverting over the period of a month. If a stock does well in the last 30 days then it is in for a reversal. It is for that reason that many venerable Gurus recommend cutting the last month out of a longer term momentum calculation.

With that in mind you might like to try rebalancing on the basis of Inverse Momentum. Inverse momentum weighs stocks with poor or negative momentum more heavily than those with positive momentum.

The format of these simple weighting systems should be familiar by now so I will digress no further.

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